Oh Cam

I get it – Cam Newton said something stupid and looked like an ass doing it. But do I find him a monster and sexist pig and someone to condemn forever – that would be a negative.  Look folks as a … [Read More...]


This was not any given Sunday, sure football was on the television but the NFL looked different. This NFL organization had just been attacked by the 45th President of the United States – "Wouldn't … [Read More...]


I have been a fan of JJ Watt’s for a while and I love what JJ Watt is doing for the people of Houston. Yes he is a football player who plays football for the Houston Texans but he wanted to do more … [Read More...]


I never had the opportunity to meet Craig Sager personally but somehow you felt like you have known him all of your life. The colorful suits, the memorable interviews - Craig Sager was more than a … [Read More...]


WELL it probably was not the way Bernard Hopkins wanted to officially retire.  But that is part of life sometimes you are not in a place to write how it ends. After seven competitive rounds with Joe … [Read More...]


I’ve been a fan of Charles Barkley’s for a long time – he doesn’t pull any punches and at times he makes me laugh.  He is who he is and sometimes Chuck can put his big foot in his mouth too. So when … [Read More...]

BITTERLY Disappointed

COACH Jim Harbaugh said it best - after the loss to the Ohio State Suckeyes - Coach Harbaugh was not in the mood and the press could see it and feel it.  He came out on fire - "I'm bitterly … [Read More...]

WHAT Happened?

IT is true when they say the NFL means - Not for Long.  Boy things certainly look different this season. Last season Cam Newton was the toast of the NFL - forget Mike - everyone wanted to be like … [Read More...]

Oh, say can you see

To all those Patriotic Americans who are strongly against Colin Kaepernick.  I’ve heard you use words like pathetic, sickening, and disrespectful.  I’ve seen you burn your jerseys and quite a few of … [Read More...]


Nothing like a bunch of spoiled frat boys to ruin a good party.  That party is only the Olympics in Rio and the frat boys are swimmers Ryan Lochte, Jack Conger, Gunnar Bentz and Jimmy Feigen. We have … [Read More...]

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