A Big Deal

The Super Bowl is more than a game – it’s an experience. The coolest thing about the Super Bowl is it’s for everyone – fans of football, fans of commercials and of course fans of chicken wings and nachos. The Super Bowl brings us all together and it’s a big deal.
This year the Seattle Seahawks are looking to repeat but they will have to go through the boys of “deflategate” the New England Patriots. The veteran, Tom Brady against the most popular kid on the block Russell Wilson; Bill Belichick the mumbler against Pete Carroll the expert gum chewer.
Will Richard Sherman get another opportunity to ask Tom Brady “You mad Bro?” I hope so! The Defense will be great, the trash talking and the refs.  Never mind the refs, what about Katy Perry? The halftime show is a big deal too and some stick around just for the show.

Whatever the Super Bowl means to you just remember to have fun.