And the winner is…

The sports world waited with bated breath as the first year of the College Football Playoff selection committee announced the top four teams in the nation.

After all the championship games everyone had an opinion on just “who” should get a bid for the National Championship.  We all throughout different scenarios and played the “what if” game.  Bottom line – there was going to be two teams and plenty of fans that were not going to be happy.

Finally, the time came and the order was announced.

  1. Alabama – we all saw this coming
  2. Oregon – again we saw this coming
  3. Florida State – so having an undefeated season does mean something
  4. Ohio State – say what now?

Yes Ohio State got in before Baylor (who I believe should have been #4) and TCU.

Well social media went nuts and some of us are still scratching our heads on what just happened.

Bottom line – the big 12 doesn’t have enough teams to have a true conference champion so Baylor and TCU were named “co-champions” and yes that sucks.  So because of this ridiculousness neither team got in.

So with all the metrics and the weekly rankings this is what I learned –

Weekly rankings do not matter

Metrics do not matter

But TV ratings and what will sell definitely matters

Desmond Howard said it best “The only difference between the computers (BCS) and the CFB Playoff is now we have a human to try to explain the unexplainable.”