Yes Ray Rice deserves another chance.

If Greg Hardy can put on a Dallas Cowboy jersey every Sunday and play –  then Ray Rice deserves to put on a jersey too. 

Yes Ray Rice had the video that to this day makes me sick.  There is no excuse – you don’t hit a woman – period. But see if his wife (who was his fiancé at the time in the video can forgive him) who am I to say he doesn’t deserve another chance?  She is the one person who has every right to be mad and hate him forever.  I’ve seen her interviews she was definitely hurt by what happened and I’m sure she will never forget how everything went down. But she has forgiven her husband – who are we to question her.

Ray Rice has the right to earn a living and support his family.  He also has the right to change the narrative when it comes to the story of his life.  Ray Rice id not and should not be the poster child of domestic violence and by given a second a chance and having the opportunity to play in the NFL he can make that happen. I think teams to not even look at him are extremely hypocritical (you heard me Cowboys and Browns) and now some teams could really use him.