Another year, another painful League Pass dilemma

For the fifth year in a row I have decided not to buy NBA League Pass.

This is an agonizing decision the National Basketball Association puts me through every year with its silly free trial to open the season. I may not be exaggerating in saying the first week of the season I watched almost 30 hours of basketball.

Some random weeknight around 1:30am while watching the Sacramento Kings the groggy question had to be asked, “Why not drop the $189 and make this real? Sleep is for the weak and powerless.”

The answer is of course I should buy league pass. As a person who considers himself a journalist and a basketball fan this is a reasonable deal. I’ve got a rough estimate of 500 games that will occur on Wednesday and Friday alone. Flipping in and out of seven different games between 7:00pm and 1:00am makes limits seem like an illusion.

In addition to sheer quantity of content I am interested in the progress of 21 of the 30 NBA teams.

There are maybe 10 NFL teams I care to watch, fortunately Redzone knows how to use that football cheat code and make every drive appear meaningful.

Major League Baseball can generate my interest in a maximum of four teams every season, and I will give someone $189 dollars at a later date if they can make my interest in the Chicago White Sox go away.

I don’t even know if I can name 21 pizza parlors worthy of a fresh pack of Rolaids. But I could definitely end quite a few of my nights watching Boogie Cousins and Ben McLemore score 30 points and make irresponsible basketball decisions.

Right there the choice should be obvious. I already pay a cable bill and I don’t watch 21 of those channels. Why not put my money somewhere that will take the vast majority of my attention for the next five months?

That question is always answered with I think I can get by without it.

As entertaining as NBA basketball is, and there aren’t too many more entertaining things on this earth that require no work on my part, I’m not at the point where I can go to sleep with myself dropping $189 on essentially one channel.

Basketball is everywhere. There is at least one game on TV every night. It may not be on demand choosing but not so long ago there were a few cable games per week, the local team and Sundays on NBC. Now NBATV has your back every day TNT and ESPN/ABC have something else to broadcast.

For those like myself who have the audacity to require more hoops has everything. The advanced stat section was simply a world filled with numbers and different situations that alter the plethora of numbers further. Now for the last two seasons and for the rest of days they will have video for every statistic in every player’s box score. Example: Ray Allen goes 4-8 for 12 points, four rebounds, one block, one steal, two turnovers and 1-4 from three. All of those numbers are now links in his game log and you can watch them happen in chronological order.

So why not put that money in the gas tank and the local pizza parlor. Better to be full of fuel than buzzer beaters.

I pass no judgment on those of you who have bought league pass or on the verge of making the purchase. My warning however, is there is no turning back from that point. It is impossible to return to having one viewing option.

The reason I finally broke down and got Redzone is I no longer live in my hometown and $5 per month for access to every score on Sunday was silly not to purchase. Now, to have the mere option of the 1:00pm double header and the 4:15pm game of the week for me is like relying on pay phones.

Truthfully that is why I won’t break on the league pass. The NFL can feel free to raise the Redzone prices to whatever it deems appropriate and I will make that call to register every September. One season, heck one month of access to league pass and Legion of Doom will laugh with the Socs while they count my money.

And what has league ownership ever done for me besides take my basketball away every 10 years for profit margin purposes. So I will hold off on my G-Money moment with NBA League Pass. Because I don’t need the future Mrs. Knox holding a pistol with tears streaming down her face while I cry out, “Do you take this man in sickness and in health!” and she’ll simply say, “I do.”