Growing up in East Lansing, Michigan, Magic Johnson was King.  So needless to say when he went to the LA Lakers my dad automatically became a Lakers fan and I was for a little bit. Plus back then I enjoyed hating on the Celtics just as much with my dad.  But later I became a Bulls fan (when they were always losing getting beat up by the Pistons) pre-rings but that’s another story.

So back to the Lakers – my father is having a hard time watching his 1-4 team seemingly get worse with every game.  The Lakers have had their first 0-3 start since the 1993-94 season.  Of course the real story started when they picked up Steve Nash and Dwight Howard during the off-season.  It seemed the Lakers had the “secret ingredients” but instead it looks like they are having buyer’s remorse.

Don’t get me wrong I like Steve Nash especially when he rocked the long hair and was a bad ass point guard back in the Dallas Mavericks days.  Nash was a beast winning the NBA MVP award twice (2005, 2006) and he’s still good.  But not the Nash from back in the day because he’s older and now he’s hurt.

Dwight Howard, oh Dwight! I think all the drama in Orlando with the “indecision” of wanting to leave, staying, leaving and so on.  The back and forth with Stan Van Gundy and the Orlando Magic Organization didn’t help his image.  Then when he finally did want to be traded he asked to go the Brooklyn Nets but ended up a Los Angeles Laker. So all that doesn’t help the team plus he couldn’t hit a free throw these days if Shaq’s life depended on it!

You can see it in Kobe’s face too – whether you like him or not.  You know Kobe is a winner he’s proved it time and time again and he’s not used to losing. I know ‘who is’ but we’re talking about the “Black Mamba.”

So who is at fault? Mike Brown? Would a new coach make it work? I think Mike Brown is “good” but do I think he can coach the LA Lakers – no I do not.  You don’t go from eating high end Angus Steak to Hamburger Helper (and yes I just compared Phil Jackson and Mike Brown to food) but you get my point.

Now I get it – it is STILL early in the season.  They have like 300 games to come back and still make the playoffs.  With Kobe – the Lakers can definitely make a comeback; and who doesn’t love a good comeback in Hollywood?