BIG Money

All sports fans are guilty of doing it – complaining about athletes and how much money they make.  Then after how much they make some like to tell those same athletes to take a “pay cut.”

Look I will complain about some of the ridiculous contracts – because that is what we do.  But who am I to tell someone to give up money.  I mean how would you feel if someone came to YOUR job and said “Hey Bob we need you to give up some money so we can hire more folks for the front of the store.”  Yeah I was reaching but you get my point.

Kobe Bryant, dogged for taking the money the Lakers threw at him and now folks want Peyton Manning to take a pay cut to help the Broncos out next season.

Look I get it, these guys are stinking, filthy rich but they earned it and it’s their money.  If they give it up on their own cool – but if not let’s not get on them too bad.

There is nothing like BIG money and I’m sure we would all like a big fat contract.  I know one of my dreams is getting the infamous “guaranteed money.”  So let’s give these folks a break and take our hands out of their pockets.