BITTERLY Disappointed

COACH Jim Harbaugh said it best – after the loss to the Ohio State Suckeyes – Coach Harbaugh was not in the mood and the press could see it and feel it.  He came out on fire –

“I’m bitterly disappointed”

“I’m bitterly disappointed in the officials”

You go Jim because that is definitely how the rest of us Michigan fans are and were  feeling at the time.  What kind of (Samuel L. Jackson references) went on during the game?

Would it kill the refs to throw a flag our way and some of the calls quite frankly were just beyond ridiculous and let’s not even go there about THE call which I guess only wolverine fans saw J.T. Barrett’s hand down and it was NOT a first down.

Okay so I had to get that out – hey it was an emotional game and playing OSU brings out the beast in me.  But I’m over it (kind of sort of)

Yes Coach we are all bitterly disappointed and to my friends in Ohio – you know the drill.  I will talk to you after the season is over until then don’t say anything to me and like always – see you NEXT YEAR.