Like many other boxing fans on June 9th of this year I vowed to give up on boxing. The controversial split decision after the Manny Pacquiao vs. Timothy Bradley fight was just too much for me. Clearly Pacquiao had won that fight and if you were to look back at the video even Bradley looked shocked at the decision.  It was then I knew boxing had died.

So when the Marquez/Pacquiao fight was first announced I tried to pretend like I didn’t care – but I did.  I wanted Pacquiao to redeem himself and get a big win especially after the Bradley debacle.  So first I made sure to watch all of the episodes of HBO Sports 24/7 Pacquiao/Marquez.  Those shows not only take you up close and personal about the boxer and their families. But they get you excited about the upcoming match.

I watched the fight with mixed emotions – (I will admit to you) a part of me wanted Marquez to win.  Because he walked in the underdog – the old guy at 39 years young; he had something to prove and I like his story. But then I wanted Pacquiao to not only make up for the awful ending to the Bradley fight but with this win I figured this would be a step closer to getting the Pacquiao/Mayweather fight under way. Plus I like Pacquiao’s story as well – told you mixed emotions!

But what took place will go down in history and be one of the best fights ever!

Round 1 – Both fighters came out swinging – Pacquiao was the aggressor

Round 2 – I felt it was a draw both fighters had thrown some good punches but no one really won this round

Round 3 – Pacquiao is knocked down and everyone is stunned of course

Round 4 – Both fighters again going “toe to toe” similar to round 1

Round 5 – Now it’s Marquez’ turn to get knocked down

Round 6 – I call this round “Night Night” because Marquez hits Pacquiao with a MONSTER left that knocks Pacquiao out cold

Now all I’m hearing is that the Pacquiao/Mayweather fight is dead, no more, never going to happen and I totally disagree.  We the people have been waiting for this fight for way to long – Pacquiao wants to come back he has something to prove and Mayweather needs to silence the critics wanting to know if he can really beat Pacquiao.  Yes I know Pacquiao was knocked out and I know he’s lost his last two fights but I believe if both parties can make this fight happen we will have the opportunity to witness another great fight.