The days after hurricane Sandy hit you have seen the best in people.  The areas hardest hit – New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and parts of West Virginia have seen lives lost, electricity gone,  flooding  and devastation unimaginable.  But you have also seen people coming together – neighbors offering, food, water, clothes and hope. Sports […]

Amazing Athletes

Watch our new episode featuring athletes, coaches, parents and volunteers that we met at the Georgia Special Olympics Games. It was an incredible experience that all of us involved will never forget and we are excited to share these incredible stories. For more information about how you can volunteer or donate to the Special Olympics […]

In need of a CAM BACK

Immature, selfish, out of touch, a bust, a loser – these are just some of the words and phrases that have surrounded Cam Newton so far this season.  A far departure from the words and phrases Cam heard last season – incredible athlete, taking the NFL by storm, amazing, winner, a beast, awesome, the real […]

WEIGHT a minute – time to MOVE

We all know what to do – to lose weight we have to eat less and move more. So that’s what I’m doing – I’m eating better and now it’s time to get moving.  I’ve partnered with Thomas Murphy and COLONY SQUARE ATHLETIC CLUB. Thomas is a great and experienced trainer who is going to […]