Joining the guys from the Crush Sports Talk Show

Prayers for PG

It was hard to watch and I made sure to watch it only once.  Pacers’ Paul George suffered a horrific leg injury during a team scrimmage between all those participating in USA basketball.  It wasn’t just the look on the player’s faces that showed you how gruesome his injury was but social media quickly responded […]

Advancing the Dream

I wasn’t born 50 years ago so I didn’t attend the March on Washington or get to hear Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.’s iconic speech titled “I have a dream” in person.  Like many of those my age I learned about Dr. King and his speech in school. In school it was just enough to […]


Ahhhhh..  Do you smell that?  That’s not just any old aroma.  That is the smell of fresh cut grass in the air.  That means… [sniffle] football season is upon us.  Yes, that time of year where the blood pressure goes up and the list of fried foods are endless.   I know what you’re thinking…”Bee Gee […]

Eye of the… Tiger

Tiger Wood’s quest for the most PGA tour wins in the history of the golf will have to wait, perhaps another year.  Tiger finished this past week’s PGA play off event in second place behind the winner Adam Scott.  Tiger suffered from back spasms throughout the entire tournament due to what he believed to be […]