I’ve been a fan of Charles Barkley’s for a long time – he doesn’t pull any punches and at times he makes me laugh.  He is who he is and sometimes Chuck can put his big foot in his mouth too.

So when he recently called out the Golden State Warriors and called their style of basketball a “little girly basketball.” I didn’t cringe or felt the need to storm TNT but just rolled my eyes and thought at first “That’s just Charles Barkley” but yet I still can’t just let him off the hook.

For year’s athletes, fans and even some sports commentators have used the word “girl” as a put down in sports.

“You throw like a girl”

“He hits like a girl”

Referring to the Cowboys as the “Cowgirls” and everyone just laughs and brushes it off.  It’s very demeaning and it needs to stop.  I’ve been guilty of hearing it over and over and over again and not saying anything.

Because for years we have heard it so much we’re all just kind of desensitized to the term.  But it really needs to stop.

Women in sports and sports media have come way too far to be considered the butt of the joke (all the damn time).  What if folks started saying about certain athletes –

“He runs like a white boy” as a cut down to he runs slow – oh that would NOT go over well.

Yet using the word “girly” or “girl” as being synonymous to “weak” is supposed to be okay?

I’m still a fan of Charles Barkley but Chuck you’re a smart guy and can up with something else other than “girly basketball” because if that’s the case then the Golden State Warriors is one hell of a team because the women who play for the WNBA can ball and most female college basketball teams can ball like it’s nobody’s business.

So just change the word the next time you want to put down a whole gender and lastly keep in mind – your momma was once a “girl” and I’m sure you don’t think of her as weak.