I am sure those of us who have been following the story about Clippers owner Donald Sterling and are disgusted by it can agree on one thing – the NBA has to do something about him and it has to be something big.

Sterling’s behavior unfortunately is not anything new.  He has a history of racist remarks and behavior throughout his 33 year career as owner of the Los Angeles Clippers.  One instance back in 2006 he was sued by the Department of Justice for housing discrimination.  Sterling did not like to rent to African-Americans and Hispanics.  He said “Black tenants smell and attract vermin” and that Hispanic tenants “smoke, drink and just hang around the building.”

I know some people are probably scratching their heads on this one – how can an owner of a NBA team that has an African-American coach and players on it not to mention be part of the NBA that is predominantly African-American hate to be around African-Americans? Well it happens all of the time.  It’s just that most racist don’t get caught on tape like Sterling spewing their ignorance and hate.

But this is not anything new Marge Schott back in the eighties and early nineties was the president and CEO of the major league baseball team Cincinnati Reds.  During her reign she was known to call a few of her African-American players “million dollar niggers” she talked about Jews and said she didn’t like Asian-American kids referring to them as “japs.”  Major League Baseball fined her $250,000 and she was banned for the 1993 season from her day to day operations.  After her third suspension she agreed to sell her controlling interest to a team of business men becoming a minority partner.  Marge Schott died in 2004.

I am quite positive that there are other Donald Sterling’s and Marge Schott’s out there.  They feel that with money comes power and with that power they can do anything and say anything; and they are right. They can do what they want and say what they want and then they have to suffer the consequences. 

Magic Johnson whose name was mentioned in Donald Sterling’s rant said that Sterling should not be allowed to own a NBA team.  President Obama, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and the NAACP along with other athletes, celebrities and those weighing in on social media agree that the hammer needs to come down on Sterling.  NBA commissioner Adam Silver has stated the NBA is investigating the matter fully.  But what does that mean really?

It means that we the people can do something – stop buying tickets to the game, stop buying anything with his teams name on it.  It’s not about punishing the team – but hitting the owner in his pocket.  He doesn’t like the color black or brown then we take away his green.  Sterling needs to understand that the NBA contrary to what he might want does not stand for “No Blacks Allowed”

Recently Charles Barkley said it best while calling into ESPN’s Mike and Mike – he said that (paraphrasing) ‘other white owners in the NBA need to come out and demand something be done about Sterling. It’s no secret that these owners have gotten rich and richer off of the sweat of black players.  So these guys have to say enough is enough.’

I’m tired of the racist attitudes and comments “those people” need to understand that times have changed and every time you say something ignorant you are going to have to pay. We have to rise up and tell “those people” that enough is enough. I get we can’t change how they feel and I’m not about entering Sterling into a racist rehab like Riley Cooper because it won’t do any good. A man like Donald Sterling has been hateful all of his life. So again we hit him where it hurts – his pocket.  

Because we know that racists hate people who are black, brown and yellow but when it comes to the color green – that’s the one color that matters the most.