It was a game that had everything – kicking, screaming, nail biting and that was just me before halftime.

The Auburn Tigers came out swinging (literally) and took everyone by surprised. This definitely rattled the Seminoles who didn’t know how to respond.

Tre Mason had a beautiful game and at one time he even did the Heisman pose wanting everyone to know “you might have made a mistake.”

But hold on Mason whose dad was part of the popular hip hop group De La Soul (and unfortunately I can still hear Brent Musburger quoting Me, Myself and I) Famous Jameis wanted to remind you that HE was the Heisman winner.

Now Jimbo Fisher’s fake punt deserves some praise too – it was a gutsy call and if it had not worked that could have possibly changed the outcome of the game.

But back to Famous Jameis….

He led his team with 1:19 left in the game to one of the greatest drives since Vince Young did it at Texas.  He throws a pass to Kelvin Benjamin who thankfully had the height to catch it.

It was a game we all needed after the blowout last year and a fitting game to end the BCS.

As they would say “one for the ages”

Congratulations to FSU the 2014 BCS National Champions!