I believe most sports fans would agree that to make it to the NFL is a BIG deal.  It’s the dream of young boys and some girls everywhere.  Another thing sports fans recognize is that just because you “make it” it doesn’t mean you’re owed anything.  If you want to be somebody in the NFL then you have to do SOMETHING – the NFL is all about “what have you done for me lately.”  So to keep hearing over and over again people asking “Do the Jets owe Tim Tebow an apology?” or “Does Rex Ryan owe Tebow an apology” I think that’s absurd.  An apology for what? What exactly is Tebow owed?  What coach owes ANY player anything? The coach has to make critical decisions and trust me when I say just like a lot of sports fans – we don’t agree with all of their decisions.  But that’s what most sports fans are – we’re coaching at home and discussing with friends what we would do.  But ultimately it’s up to the coach to make final decisions on who is going to start or not.  The coach wants to win and we might all not agree with him but it’s his team.

Now did Tebow get a rough deal with the Jets? Yes and No.  I say yes because he didn’t get the opportunity to play quarterback.  Okay, how many guys get drafted and it takes years to get the opportunity to play.  Remember Aaron Rodgers when Brett Favre was relevant? No you don’t because he had to sit on the sideline and wait.  Before this season that’s what most backup quarterbacks had to do – sit tight and wait.  Some quarterbacks end up every season being #2 or #3 and never get the opportunity.

When the Jets first went after Tebow everyone knew “why” or suspected why it was happening and the same can be said when Tebow wanted to go to NY we all knew why as well.   Basically the Jets and Tebow used each other.

The Jets liked the hoopla – the PR it brought them.  Everyone wanted to know does this mean the Jets are benching Sanchez? How are they going to use Tebow?  Getting Tebow created a circus and who better to lead a circus than the ultimate ringmaster – Rex Ryan.  Rex Ryan is the ultimate showman – he likes to stir the pot – the man of the million sound bites and the media eats it up – good or bad.

While Tebow who during the off season was getting more press for red carpet events and who he was dating than football; seemed to have been lured by the bright lights and big city of the big apple.  This is the same guy who signed up with not just any talent agency – but THE premiere talent agency William Morris to help with his endorsements and appearances.  It had appeared that Tebow really liked being Tebow the celebrity.

So to think that Rex Ryan or anyone in the Jets organization “owes” Tebow anything is just ridiculous.  That’s the price of being in the NFL and Tebow has gotten more than enough press for someone who isn’t even starting.

Did Peyton Manning cry to Jim Irsay about staying with the Colts? No he didn’t because that’s the “business” of the game – you don’t have to like it.  I didn’t like it – I still look at Jim Irsay funny – but I get it and that’s just me being a fan.  Look players good or bad can get the short end of the NFL stick – it happens.  But again that’s part of the game.  I know at least 20 guys who would just want the opportunity to be on the practice squad with NFL players.  So Tebow is in the NFL, worth millions and has tons of fans – yeah that’s that guy you feel sorry for.

Now with the last game looming and McElroy out with a concussion from his “first” attempt at starting; Rex Ryan again picks Sanchez over Tebow – Rex Ryan said “I’m more comfortable with Sanchez.”

I don’t think anything else needs to be said at this point….