Do the Right Thing

People don’t like to talk about race – it makes people uncomfortable – period.  We live in a society where we talk around the race conversation.  But there needs to be a conversation especially this day in age because let’s face it – all men and women are NOT created equal.  Until that happens we will have to continue that “uncomfortable” conversation.

Now when people talk sports everyone tries to be politically correct. Because race shouldn’t be an “issue” in the sports world – but as we all know that’s just plain ridiculous.

The NFL is a billion dollar business where 68% of the players are black.  But those numbers dramatically decrease when you take a hard look at the head coaches, coordinators and owners of the NFL teams.  Recently there were seven GM positions and eight Head Coaching positions up for grabs.  Unfortunately, not one of those positions was filled by a person of color.  (See where I was being “politically correct” the bottom line not one black person was hired for any of those positions.)

Now some are going to argue – those positions should go to the “best qualified candidate” and I would agree in theory that makes sense.  But when teams are “made” to interview because of the Rooney rule then there is a definite problem.

The Rooney rule was established to ensure that minority coaches, especially African-Americans were considered for high-level coaching positions

I think it’s important to also understand that this isn’t a “black” issue.  I’ve seen white reporters and writers speak intelligently on this topic and have issues with it as well.

There should not be a “rule” in place to make people do the right thing.  Now the NFL has recognized that something has to be done and they are talking about expanding the Rooney rule to include coordinators.  Well that’s a start and that’s how change happens right?  I just hope the NFL continues to take this issue seriously and continue to make changes.  People joke that the NFL is at times the “No Fun League” that’s funny but it’s becoming the “No Fair League” and that is nothing to laugh about.