Tradition means the transmission of customs or beliefs from generation to generation, or the fact of being passed on in this way.

My father went to the University of Michigan, I was born and raised in Michigan and I grew up a Michigan football fan.

I live in SEC country now (Atlanta) but I proudly tell people I’m a Big Ten girl and I have my Michigan flag raised high in the front of my house.  But lately I’ve been embarrassed and ashamed of being a Michigan football fan.  The team has played like crap – that’s the G version to say WE SUCK.

Michigan fans are tired of not only losing but looking ridiculous in the process.

We don’t tackle. There is no defense, no offense.

We don’t look like a Michigan team that is used to intimidating our opponents by just our name alone.

The fans are restless and we’re tired of booing the team in person or at home.

After the Minnesota lost coach Brady Hoke was asked how did he feel about the constant questions about his job status he said –

“This is a big boy business,”

Hoke is right and in this business when the coach can’t stop the bleeding then the coach has to go.

After barely surviving the Rich Rodriguez years we don’t need the Hoke years to get any worse.

Change has to come and soon!