Eye of the… Tiger

Tiger Wood’s quest for the most PGA tour wins in the history of the golf will have to wait, perhaps another year.  Tiger finished this past week’s PGA play off event in second place behind the winner Adam Scott.  Tiger suffered from back spasms throughout the entire tournament due to what he believed to be a soft hotel bed.  Well, the last time I checked Tiger was no doctor.  Therefore all the punditry around it being yet another excuse why he didn’t win is just hatred to me.

Did he suffer from the same thing in the same tournament last year?  Perhaps, but, is it not possible for an athlete to suffer the same injury at the same time in back to back years?  Does the name Ken Griffey Jr. ring a bell?  Ok, well maybe it wasn’t the same injury.  But, he was in fact injury plagued in consecutive years of his future hall of famer career.  If this is the case for Tiger then it is very unfortunate and a bad look for the PGA as an organization.

Why not protect your prize possession?  If it were not for one Mr. Woods you would not see the purses [double digit tournaments with a purse over $1 million dollars] that you see today in the modern day era of golf.  So, at the least golf and the current tour players owe Tiger a great deal of thanks for making the game global.  News flash!!  Sam Snead’s record 82 tour wins is not safe and number 80 for Tiger is firmly in the cross hairs!  Jack’s majors record is still within reach as well.  Tiger Woods will be 38 at the end of this year.  That is not old in golf years at all.  Jack Nicklaus won his 15th major at age 38. So, for those who think he’s washed up or will not be able to do it… think again.

It is absolutely amazing how so much outside pressure is placed on a man that has continued to revolutionize the game of golf.  A wise man once told me…”Son you can’t win them all”.  In Tiger’s case that is true as well.  Say what you will and you can call me a Tiger lover even; just call me a realist.  So the records will fall and Tiger’s legacy will loom large long after he has retired.  At least that is the way that I see it.

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