TMZ has released the video of what happened “inside” of the Atlantic City elevator between Ray Rice and his then fiancé Janay Palmer.  From watching the video everything seems pretty normal that is until Ray Rice punches Janay and she falls out cold on the elevator floor.  Then as we all know what happens next we see the image of Ray Rice dragging an unconscious Janay out of the elevator and placing her on the floor.

That image should have been enough for the NFL to say “you are done and we can’t have that in our league” but instead they issued a two game suspension.  This caused a firestorm of criticism that I believe the NFL was NOT ready for.  They do not want to be perceived as the bad guy.  Roger Goodell later admitted that he made a mistake on this issue and the NFL created a newer and tougher domestic violence policy.

But, as we have seen the new video you wonder what the NFL will do going forward.  So far the NFLPA has no comment, the Ravens no comment and the NFL has stated this was their first time they ever saw the video of what happened inside the elevator.

A NLF league spokesperson has said –

“We requested from law enforcement any and all information about the incident, including the video from inside the elevator. That video was not made available to us and no one in our office has seen it until today.”

This makes me scratch my head because at one point Ray Rice’s attorney Michael Diamondstein had stated he had the video and it was Diamondstein who had alluded on several occasions that hypothetically it was Janay who threw the first punch.

For months, there were some out there who asked the question “What did she do?” like that even mattered.  I think the better question that should be asked now is “What will the NFL and the Baltimore Ravens do?”

Unfortunately Ray Rice’s punishment has already been handed down.  He was given a 2 game suspension.  It is very unlikely that the NFL will overturn it at this point.  But the NFL like the Ravens has to know that they missed an opportunity to do so much more. Screw policy; forget that he was never found guilty in the court of law. What about morally doing the right thing – what if that was your mother, sister, aunt or niece?  Yes the NFL has changed their Domestic Violence policy but it’s a shame that when the elevator doors opened and Ray Rice was caught dragging an unconscious Janay that was not enough.

It’s just very sad, disturbing and as big as the NFL is there is so much more they could be doing and I hope one day they do just that. I also hope other players speak up as well.

Violence against women is no laughing matter, no joking matter and frankly should just be an issue that simply matters to everyone.