I’m sure the Miami Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin is a decent guy.  I don’t know him personally and I’m sure it’s beyond stressful being a coach in the NFL.  With all that said Coach Philbin dropped the ball and failed as a leader of the Dolphins.

Philbin recently spoke out at the NFL combine and said the “behavior” described in the Ted Wells investigative report was “inappropriate and unacceptable.” You think?  At times the report was more like disturbing and ridiculous.

It was sad to hear that he had received the full details of the whole investigation along with the public.  So as the head coach he had absolutely no idea of what was happening on his own team? I find that hard to believe.  I get it – there is a lot of moving parts when it comes to a NFL team and the coach might rely on his assistants and coordinators.  But like any CEO when you are the head of your business or the captain of your ship you should know what’s going on.

“I want everybody to know I am the one who is responsible for the workplace environment at the Miami Dolphins’ facility,” Philbin said. “I’m the one that sets the schedule. I decide when the practices are. I decide what time players eat, how they meet, when they lift, everything they do at the facility.”

So now that Philbin has let it be known he is fully responsible I hope he handles the “clean up” of this embarrassing situation much better.  The stain of the bullying scandal is not going anywhere anytime soon and it is because of this the NFL will have no choice but to change their own workplace environment.

“I have to do a better job,” Philbin said. “I’m going to look at the way we educate, the way we communicate, the way we talk to one another. I’m going to look at every avenue. … I have to make sure that we create a better atmosphere and a better environment.”

Well Coach Philbin we will all be watching.