Faith and Football

As long as football has been around so have the faithful; those who believe in God and Football and sometimes not in that order. It is not just some fans who believe in a higher power – it is also some professional athletes.

We have all witnessed players who looked up towards the heavens and thanked God for either completing the perfect play or scoring a touchdown.  Former Baltimore Ravens great Ray Lewis who retired at the end of last season had the ability to turn a press conference or interview into a sermon. He pretty much dedicated his last season and super bowl run to God and having incredible faith. Tim Tebow kneeled down to thank Jesus after a touchdown and that turned into an Internet sensation called “Tebowing.”

Athletes having faith is nothing new and some might be uncomfortable with the idea.  They laugh, cry and bleed like the rest of us – which is comforting. Some fans have argued that some of these guys and their “God talk” take away from the game.  Those same “some” think it is a personal choice and it should remain just that – personal.

I like my athletes who are real people – praying and all. It doesn’t take anything away from the game. In fact, for me it reminds me that these guys believe in something and further evidence that these athletes are human and not super heroes with ‘out of this world’ strength.

Besides I’m convinced it will take prayer to get the NFL to bring back celebrating in the end zone.