Fight like a Girl

The next time someone tries to cut you down and say that you fight like a girl – simply say “Thanks.”  Because those of us fans of UFC know that is the greatest compliment thanks to Ronda Rousey one of the greatest combat fighters and one of the most popular UFC fighters out there today.

In just 14 seconds during Rousey’s fight with challenger Cat Zingano – she took things to a whole new level.  It took me longer to find a parking space at the venue I attended to watch the fight than it did for Rousey to show her dominance in the octagon.

But you have to love it! Remember when UFC President Dana White said he would never have women in the UFC? Oh yes the good old days.  But women aren’t just fighting – they are taking over and making Dana White a very rich man.

Ronda Rousey’s appeal is no joke.  She is doing everything – winning in seconds in the octagon, on and in magazines and starring it seems in every popular action movie there is now.

Recently Joe Rogan said that he believe Ronda Rousey could beat 50% of the male bantamweights; and I believe she could – you go Ronda – keep fighting like a girl!