FOLKS…Calm Down

Okay I need everyone out there who is ready to crown Marcus Mariota the second coming of Tom Brady to calm down.  Stop what you’re doing and take a deep breath! This is not the time to ask for his measurements for his gold jacket – he had a good game but he’s not ready for the Hall of Fame.

Marcus Mariota and the Tennessee Titans went to Tampa Bay and showed out beating the Bucs 42-14.  But the headlines after the game are reading “Mariota more NFL ready than Winston” “Mariota is the new face of the NFL, Winston fails” wow – really?

First of all I’m not taking anything away from Mariota’s performance – the dude’s passer rating was 158.3 compared to Winston’s 64; Mariota had 4 touchdowns compared to Winston’s 2 touchdowns and 2 interceptions.

But let’s remember folks, this wasn’t one on one basketball.  Winston didn’t lose this game by himself and even with the interceptions I saw flashes of what he and his arm can do.

So before you rush out to get Mariota on your fantasy football team and jump head first on the Mariota bandwagon let’s review a few things.

Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck (you remember them) both had 3 interceptions during their first game.  In fact some questioned if the “luck” had run out for Andrew Luck.  Remember how RG III totally dominated the first season between him and Luck? RG III was killing it – now he’s on the bench.

Yes Mariota had a terrific game – but does one game make a great quarterback? Uh that would be a NO.

Brett Favre remember him? Well he too sucked during his first few games and some questioned his football legacy when he started.  Now the guy is a legend and definitely headed to the Hall of Fame.

So stop burning Winston’s jersey and Bucs fan enough with the booing.  I get it now fans want instant success instead of giving these players and coaches a chance to grow.  But imagine if someone came to your job on day 1 and booed your work performance.

I’m not ready to just hand over the crown to Mariota just yet.  He like Winston has to earn it so let’s give these guys the opportunity to do just that.