Follow the Money

THE University of Missouri system’s President Tim Wolfe and the chancellor R. Bowen Loftin have both resigned.

The University of Missouri has been dealing with racial issues on campus that caused African-American students to protest, some faculty threatening to walk-out, one student to go on a hunger strike and the football team to announce they would skip practice and the game on Saturday.

Yes the football team joined the protest and because of this the story went national.

Why would a football team get involved in something that could threaten scholarships and cost the university money? Because we forget these are student-athletes – not just athletes and before some of them put on their football jerseys they are African-American men first.  These young men gambled with the one chip that raised the stakes on the President to resign and they won.

I had a friend call me who is frustrated with this story “This has nothing to do with football” he said over and over again wondering why the team would jeopardize a big game with BYU.  I smiled and told him it had everything to do with football.

Ever since I started my sports show “That’s What SHE Said Sports” my co-host who I affectionately call my “co-dude” has always said “follow the money.”

You see within any organization if you want answers or want to stop something you follow the money.

The University of Missouri might have ignored the students, the faculty and even Jonathan Butler who went on a hunger strike.  But they were not going to ignore a football program.  Yes a football program that brings in the big bucks to the university.

God forbid if the black students are having a difficult time see they don’t bring in the money.  Sure their tuition is nice – but it’s not football team nice.

Yes this is about football and that’s a shame on the University of Missouri.  Because the students complaints should have been enough.  But that’s okay – because of the courageous move by these young guys who suit up on Saturday – they allowed everyone else to finally be heard.  By any means necessary right?

Look we live in a world where folks are uneasy about having the “race” talk.  The conversation usually ends with people yelling at each other on some television news show.  So since folks are uncomfortable then there will be times when those who want and need to start the conversation have to do whatever they can to get their attention.  Even if that means going to your school’s football team and asking for help.

The Missouri football team got everyone’s attention and things happened.  The story is not over but yes my friend it is  about football the money says so.