FREE agency Matrix

Anyone else feeling like they are in the Matrix? This free agency has been really strange.

First, Chip Kelly gets handed the golden ticket from Eagles owner Jeff Lurie and he goes all Lucious Lyon on the team.  LeSean McCoy (buh bye), Nick Foles (see ya) and it looks like DeMarco Murray will be rocking an Eagles uniform.  Sam Bradford (you’re not Marcus Mariota) but welcome.  So next season Chip Kelly will either look like a mad genius or a total buster.

Running backs aren’t getting the love they used too.  We all know the shelf life for a RB is not long with all the pounding they take.  Teams love to use them up but during free agency they all got looked over like over 40-year-old Hollywood actresses at a movie audition.

The Saints trade Jimmy Graham (talk about who dat said what?) that’s leaving folks scratching their heads on that one.  I didn’t think there was enough beignets in the world to get rid of Graham.  But he is now officially with the Seahawks.

Apparently break ups aren’t just for bad reality shows. The Steelers want Troy Polamalu to retire so they don’t have to officially kick him to the curb.  But he hasn’t made a decision yet. The Vikings are trying to “talk” Adrian Peterson into staying but the love is gone and he has eyes on Dallas.

The Chicago Bears are going through something – just not sure what.  They trade Brandon Marshall and keep Jay Cutler; and I get it! They owe Cutler a lot of money and really can’t afford to let him go.  But it seems all hell broke loose after they dumped Lovie (I guess Karma is a real B)

There was a payday for some – Marshawn Lynch finally got an extension and paid from the Seahawks.  But when it comes to getting’ paid no one did it like Ndamukong Suh who is taking his talents to south beach.  The Dolphins are paying Suh $114 million dollars with $60 million guaranteed.

Still more to come and all of us football fans (happy, sad or irritated) are quite happy living in the Matrix we call the NFL.