Chipper Jones

Jerry Coli

I had the privilege to watch Chipper during one of his “goodbye” games. It was a clear and warm night and everyone in Turner Field was excited and sad at the same time. The signs read “We love you Chipper” “We will miss you Chipper” and “Thanks Chipper.”
For the past 19 seasons Larry Wayne “Chipper” Jones Jr. has been a staple of the Atlanta Braves. Since his debut in 1993 when he was the youngest player in the league Chipper has been a star and a fan favorite.
He has spent his entire career with the Braves which is an amazing achievement all on its own; and boy what a career it has been – 1995 World Series Champion, 1999 National League Most Valuable Player, two times (1999) and (2000) National League Silver Slugger Award, 2008 National League batting Champion and an 8 time All-Star.
When he announced his retirement it was a surprise to everyone and fans everywhere shared the same feeling – “Don’t go Chipper!” we all selfishly wanted him to stay with the Braves longer.
So on that warm September night at Turner Field we Braves fans sat collectively reminiscing and enjoying the game. Frankly it will be weird not to have Chipper in the lineup next season. But on that night all that mattered was when we heard Chipper’s at-bat music “Crazy Train” by Ozzy Osbourne all was right in Atlanta.