Nothing like a bunch of spoiled frat boys to ruin a good party.  That party is only the Olympics in Rio and the frat boys are swimmers Ryan Lochte, Jack Conger, Gunnar Bentz and Jimmy Feigen.

We have now all heard the REAL story – instead of being robbed at gun point.  We learn they were drunk and acting stupid at a gas station after hanging out and then getting into with a security guard.

Why did they feel the need to lie? Who knows and at this point who really cares.  It is just sad that the acts of these immature boys are taking the spotlight away from athletes who are doing the right thing in Rio.

We (Americans) already get a bad rap for acting obnoxious when we travel abroad and this does not help our case.

Between these guys and Hope Solo it is just really sad.  They need to grow up and get a clue.  This is embarrassing for all of us and we as Americans are better than this.