Grow Up

I get it – Jameis Winston is young and he’s only a sophomore in college.

Jameis Winston is seen and heard standing on a table making an offensive and vulgar comment on campus.

But Jameis Winston is also a Heisman trophy winner and a quarterback of a top university.

Jameis Winston will now miss the first half of the football game between Clemson.

The climate is also very different – this is now the “after the Ray Rice video” era. Athletes, especially football players are being watched and scrutinized like never before.

So you have to carry yourself a certain way – whether you like it or not.

Besides, we have been here before – Winston messes up – he apologizes and then messes up again. One day he won’t be 20 years old and one day it could be him on a video doing God knows what that shocks everyone.

Everyone doesn’t get the opportunity to play football, to win a Heisman and a National Championship. Have some pride in those accomplishments and show people that it all matters.

During his latest press conference Winston said –

“I’m not a ‘me’ person, but in that situation, that was a selfish act,”

Then do yourself and all of us a favor and grow up!