The Los Angeles Lakers are done, gone, out of the playoffs and I have to admit it’s weird.  Throughout the season and especially during the playoffs seeing them and the Celtics struggle has at times been hard to watch.  The Lakers and the Celtics for years have been a staple of the NBA playoffs – as we all know their legacies are legendary.  So with the Lakers getting swept it reminds me of not having your older Uncle around for holiday dinner – he’s not your favorite and at times he gets on your nerves but you’re just used to him being around.

So now the question is where will Dwight Howard be next year.  I’ve read some who have compared Dwight’s free agency to the summer of LeBron and all that he went through when he was a free agent and for me there is no comparison.  Look, when LeBron was a free agent it was a circus because teams and fans all over wanted him. He was the hottest thing out there and then he decided to take his talents to South Beach.

Dwight on the other hand comes off as an immature big man. The flip flopping on “should I stay or should I go” while in Orlando was just the beginning.  Then he goes to LA and is not the dominant figure everyone was hoping for – especially the Lakers.  At times Dwight came off like he was on Spring Break and not a member of one the most prolific teams in NBA history.  Even Kobe questioned his commitment during the season.

Now I get it – Dwight can play – a seven-time all-star and three-time defensive player of the year.  But he didn’t show up this season and I hear those who say that he hadn’t fully recovered from back surgery but averaging 17.1 points, his lowest total since his second year in the league, and 12.4 rebounds, his lowest total since his third year in the league is not the kind of numbers that speak dominant big man.

So unlike LeBron I don’t see a ton of teams or even fans that are going to be clamoring for Dwight.  I hope he takes this time to grow up; it’s time for Dwight to take control and be a leader.  Some of us want to wake up from this Dwightmare!