We’ve become a nation of folks at times so jaded and so into self – the “selfie” craze you really appreciate the best of people when a tragedy strikes.  Nothing was more tragic than the events of last years bombing during the Boston Marathon that traumatized not only the city but the world.

Now a year later we see runners coming from all over the world to show their support not only to Boston but to all those survivors.  That is when you know people are really good at heart.  Forget the politics, the war between the haves and have-nots.  When people are hurting you help them and for all those who risked their lives to help those after the bombing are truly heroes and my heart goes out to those lives lost and to those who are still dealing with the after effects of the bombing.  You all have inspired me to run again and I can’t wait until the day I run my first marathon – I will definitely be thinking about all those in Boston!