THERE was more drama this season during the NBA Finals than an episode of the Young and the Restless.  On and off the court everyone had strong opinions and this was ratings gold for the advertisers.

Yes I had picked the Golden State Warriors in Game 7 to win and well….  Regardless of how you feel about LeBron James or the Cavaliers they showed up.  Especially Kyrie Irving who put on a clinic during Game 7.  It was Kyrie who put the final nails into the coffin delivering the killer three-pointer with 53 seconds left into the game.

Throughout the series I felt that Steph Curry’s head was not into the game.  He had some pivotal moments here and there but for the most part he did not make a difference in the finals; and by the time he did – getting upset during Game 6 – it was too late.

LeBron James kept his promise and finally delivered to Cleveland their first pro sports title since 1964.  It was not easy and during that time LeBron has taken plenty of heat as much as adulation.

The drought maybe over in Cleveland but the rest of us NBA fans are thirsty for more and can’t wait until next season.