At the end of the Spurs-Thunder series when asked about playing Miami again Tim Duncan said “We have four more game to win, we’ll do it this time.”  Well he was right because that is exactly what Duncan and the Spurs are doing.

So is this series about how bad the Miami Heat have been playing or how well the San Antonio Spurs are playing?  The answer is yes – it’s both but props definitely have to go out to the Spurs who face it out were not exactly seen as the team to win the NBA Finals. They are older, some would say slower and how could they compete with King James and his band of younger brothers?

The Spurs aren’t just winning they are showing everybody what it means to play like a team. With their fearless and ornery coach Gregg Popovich the Spurs have shocked the Heat.  Outside of the usual suspects – Duncan, Ginóbili and Parker the bench has taken things to the next level.

Kawhi Leonard, Danny Green and Boris Diaw have shut the Heat down.  Leonard who is silent but deadly has given us a preview of what to expect from the Spurs years from now.  When Leonard is in the zone he cannot be stopped.

Can the Heat come back? With the Spurs leading 3-1 it will be difficult but anything is possible.  The Heat just do not look like themselves – Wade’s knees and speed are gone.  Bosh makes appearances here and there, the bench hasn’t made an impact and LeBron has brought the points but nothing spectacular.  It will be interesting to see what happens to Miami at the end of the finals.

Old man strength wins again; the Spurs are red hot as the Heat has cooled.  Why we love this game.