In need of a CAM BACK

Immature, selfish, out of touch, a bust, a loser – these are just some of the words and phrases that have surrounded Cam Newton so far this season.  A far departure from the words and phrases Cam heard last season – incredible athlete, taking the NFL by storm, amazing, winner, a beast, awesome, the real deal.

The problem with being such an “amazing” athlete who can do no wrong is when you do everyone makes sure you hear it. It is no secret the Carolina Panthers and Cam Newton are having a rough season – they are 1-5, the GM Marty Hurney was recently let go and Cam Newton’s press conferences are becoming more and more painful to watch.  After their recent lost to Dallas Cam pretty much asked the reporters (paraphrasing) “If you all know what we can do to get better let me know.”

It was reported after their loss against the Giants that Steve Smith confronted Cam about pouting on the bench.  Cam has said sitting on the bench with the towel over his head allows him to think and focus on the game.  Whatever the reason soon after that “confrontation” was out everyone said Cam was pouting and to immature to be in the NFL.  Not to mention heavily criticized for celebrating with his Superman pose after touchdowns when they were losing and mocked in a paper in Charlotte for being more like Hello Kitty.

Everyone needs to remember that the Carolina Panthers did NOT go to the Super Bowl last season.  The Panthers ended last season at 6-10; yes Cam did have an incredible, unbelievable rookie season throwing for 4,051 yards and 21 touchdowns not to mention the 14 NFL single-season record for most rushing touchdowns by a quarterback and –


So with all that the expectations needless to say were set VERY high for Cam.  During the pre-season there was even buzz about Carolina making the playoffs and Center Ryan Kalil bought an ad in the Charlotte Observer predicting the Panthers going to the Super Bowl.

I’ve heard someone say recently “Cam doesn’t like to lose” and I ask “Who does?” especially NFL athletes at that caliber.  So Cam isn’t some novelty – he’s having a crappy season.  A number of QB’s this season are too – Ryan Fitzpatrick, Blaine Gabbert, Matt Cassel, Brady Quinn, Drew Brees and even Peyton Manning had a rough start.  Now don’t get me wrong I realize it’s a stretch comparing Cam to Drew and Peyton.  I realize they have been in the league longer and have had more wins like the Super Bowl.  But quarterbacks can be the most popular guy in the league one day and hated the next – that’s the nature of the NFL.  By the way what is Matt Leinart doing these days? He was supposed to be the next best thing but his only claim to fame is what he did at USC and he’s still in the league.

Yes Cam Newton is in a slump – some might take my “slump” and trump it with a “sucks” right now.  But to say he doesn’t belong in the league and is a bust is just ridiculous.  Clearly he knows what to do to win and to be successful.

So right now I’m excited for Cam Newton the underdog to make a strong “Cam Back”