If you are a diehard football fan you probably go through withdraws after the super bowl. Because of that, the NFL scouting combine can be enticing.  It gives you the opportunity to check out the college athletes you have watched all season and to see if you can pick out the next NFL “star.” I used to be one of those that not only watched but kept notes and had long discussions about who shined and who was the biggest disappointment.  But I noticed last year I found myself not as interested and this year I would only take a peak here and there but it wasn’t the same.

Hadn’t I watched most of these guys during the regular college football season? For me that was enough and then I noticed that parts of the commentary for some were just uncalled for.  Couldn’t a guy just be having a bad day?  Haven’t we all practiced and prepared for something and the day of totally bomb? I found it ironic that in the sport of football which showcases the biggest, fastest and strongest gladiators that the same sport was showcasing these young guys like women in a beauty pageant – they were being objectified and at times just like a beauty pageant it wasn’t pretty.

So does the highlight reel for some of these athletes mean nothing? Can you imagine the Washington Redskins not picking Robert Griffin III because he didn’t do well on the written portion of the combine test?  How affective are these drills?

Some athletes have revealed that for some during their 15 minute interval interviews with teams they were asked “Do you have a girlfriend?” “Are you a heterosexual?” What does this have to do with the price of tea in China? Does finding out that the cornerback you are interested in likes girls make him faster? Stronger? Believe me, I realize the whole idea of an openly gay athlete is whole another topic and worthy of discussion – at another time. I’m sure you get the point that I was trying to make.

We the fans just have to be careful to not put all of our energy into the combine because that is just “one” hurdle in making the 53 man roster.  At the end of the day you must be strong, fast and have heart with the desire to win.  You have to be a team player and you have to be ready when you get an opportunity of a lifetime to make a difference.  Just ask those who weren’t picked first – some of them did pretty damn good last season – Colin Kaepernick and Russell Wilson would agree.