Sports fans know that sports can evoke all kinds of emotions- happy, mad, excited, sad, frustration and of course tears.  For all of us who watched the Louisville/Duke game on Sunday night we felt all of those emotions and then some. Louisville’s sophomore guard Kevin Ware, attempting to contest a shot fell and suffered one of the most horrific sports injuries breaking his tibia practically on impact and shooting a piece of the split bone through his shin.

The reaction from his team, coach and those around him let you know that if we were shocked by what we saw at home it had to be even more gruesome live.  Everyone around him was crying and deeply shaken up – even Coach Rick Pitino admitted after the game that “I literally almost threw up.”

While lying there in pain Kevin Ware had only one thing to say to his team “Just go win the game” and that’s exactly what his team did.  Filled with emotion of not knowing what was happening to their friend and teammate – those guys rallied around each other and continued on.

Some people on twitter and Facebook felt that the game should have ended.  The sentiment expressed was one of deep concern wanting to know how the team could bounce back from such an emotional ordeal.  Understandably, I’m sure everyone wondered about this maybe even Coach Pitino himself.

Louisville got knocked down and beat up emotionally and mentally with Kevin Ware’s injury.  But they persevered and at the end they are on their way to the Final Four in Atlanta.  But more importantly they learned a valuable lesson – when one of your guys gets knocked down you stand tall and “Just go win the game.”