Just Stop

I need all those in the media who are leading the pack with their Johnny Manziel man crush to just stop already.  It’s like there is a group of folks out there who cannot let the week go by without some lame Johnny Manziel story trying to pass it off as something interesting.  

So here is the latest, Johnny Manziel went to Las Vegas. That’s it and this is big news because of why?  I’m sure he wasn’t the only athlete who went to Vegas for the Memorial Day weekend.  Some of the stories being reported state that Manziel was seen around town at different events.  Wow, that was breaking news, I missed the part where he along with some friends trashed a hotel room, met Mike Tyson and got in all sorts of trouble.  Wait that was a movie wasn’t it?  Yes I’m being snarky thanks for noticing.

I need it to stop; we have plenty of time with endless Johnny Football stories.  The NFL season is right around the corner and I’m sure those crushing on Manziel will give us some really deep stuff to talk about.  I can’t wait to hear about what car he drives to the practice facility and what music he listens to in the locker room. 

So again all those with the man crush unless he does something that is actually “news worthy” can you just give him and the rest of us a break.