Last Laugh

In the sports world if you want to quiet a big mouth you hit them in the wallet. That is what happened to WEEI sports radio host Kirk Minihane who was suspended for a week. Minihane originally called Fox sports personality Erin Andrews a “gutless bitch” after the MLB all-star game.
He had “tried” to apologize and it was a total joke. Minihane basically said the only reason Andrews’ has her job is because of the way she looks and if she “weighed 15 pounds more she would be a waitress.” I’m sure all the waitresses out there really appreciate “that” comment.
Well FOX sports did not appreciate any of Minihane’s comments or failed attempts at apologizing and pulled all of their advertising from Entercom communications where WEEI is located. Have something funny to say about THAT Minihane? The advertising was pulled from 100 of their stations and no Fox sports personalities can be a guest on WEEI.
This is a good start and hopefully a warning to all those who think it is right to call a woman a bitch for shock value. It’s not right, it’s stupid and real men understand this.