At this point there is only one thing left for Dwight Howard to do – win.  Because he will need to win games and the NBA Championship to win back fans, win over critics and make everyone forget this past year.

Dwight Howard just did the unthinkable – he left Los Angeles.  Everyone knows you don’t leave LA – the bright lights, big city, where dreams are made – Hollywood.  The Lakers is the team where champions are born and legends live forever. It is Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Shaq and the black mamba. To be part of the Lakers is to be part of history – it’s the birthplace of “SHOWTIME” where basketball God’s once ruled the earth. It’s where Jack Nicholson and the rest of the A-listers go for a good time and to be seen by all.  This is what Dwight Howard walked away from.

All of us know that between now and the start of next season everyone will have something to say.  Laker Nation is far from happy and Kobe Bryant along with Pau Gasol quickly unfollowed Howard on Twitter.

So now he’s taking his talents to Houston – to start a new chapter, new beginnings.  This is Dwight Howard’s opportunity to show everyone that he made the right decision.  He will have to dig down deep and find that great athlete that we once saw when he played in Orlando.  The decision has been made time to move on.  One day he will be more than a flip flopping, coach killing immature player who doesn’t take things seriously – and that’s just a sample of things he was called during the last season.

But if all goes right one day Dwight Howard will simply be known as a winner – period.