EGO is a powerful thing.

Ego starts wars, ruins corporations and kills for no reason.

Ego a person’s sense of self-esteem or self-importance.

Brady recently filed an appeal on the decision that upheld his four-game suspension.

Tom Brady’s ego is ridiculous and he simply needs to let this fight go.  It has been almost 500 days since we all first heard of deflategate.

Come on we all know that Brady knew “something” I mean he’s the quarterback of a football team that created “spygate.”  So there is some dirt on Brady’s hands.  But instead of taking his lumps he has to prove something and in the process he’s turning off folks.  We get it – the great Tom Brady – the Super Bowl rings, the clutch king, the good looking guy with the model wife.  He is the guy who does not get suspended but yet he did and instead of dealing with it – he is going to fight to the death.

Let it go Tom – I don’t want to say “Take it like a man” because I hate when folks say “stop crying like a girl” but take your punishment.  Stop the pissing contest with the NFL.

Yes ego is a powerful thing.