The whole world was shocked and saddened by the horrific events that took place at the Boston Marathon; yet another tragedy leaving all of us feeling vulnerable to the evil that lurks nearby without warning.

After the tragedy we witnessed people coming together in the city of Boston like never before – offering strangers their homes, cars, food and whatever else they needed to be safe and comfortable during the aftermath.  We witnessed the world saying we are here for you.  The officials at the London marathon said they would go on and they did running for the victims in Boston.

Boston is a proud city and they have been wearing t-shirts that read “Boston Strong” and they are right.  I also believe it showed all of us that when we come together we are also “Love Strong.”

Love has allowed all of us to heal and begin to move forward. We have seen love extended towards the family members whose loved ones died at the marathon, the victims who were hurt and are still in critical condition.  We have seen love at sporting events where crowds of people have come together to sing heartfelt renditions of the National Anthem.

Ultimately it is love of one another that will get us through this tragedy and that is something we must never forget.