March Madness Women’s Brackets

“I’m not sure if any of you have followed any women’s college basketball this season.  If not, you are probably like me.  If Brittney Griner was not in the headlines then, it wasn’t news.  Especially after Stanford took it on the chin earlier this season from UConn…..AGAIN.  It’s like a bad dream with them; I guess you could say that UConn has their number.   So, let’s get right to it – It is the season for the madness to ensue.  If you are like me you are not looking for any fireworks right out of the gate in the women’s regionals.  You are looking for the shocker to come well down the road.  You expect for the powerhouses to be there when it is all said and done.   You don’t expect for Cal Poly to beat Penn State or an Oral Roberts to beat UT Lady Volunteers.  It just doesn’t seem as if something like that would happen.  So then I ask you – who will be in the elite 8?  Will it be the usual suspects from the most recent years past or will we have someone new?  I’m thinking that it will certainly be those that we expect to be there.  Why you ask?  Well, because there has been no drop off in the top 10 teams.  Baylor has jumped into the recruiting bonanza and has firmly supplanted them as a force to be reckoned with.  Baylor has tapped into some major hot beds for talent.  Don’t take my word for it.  Just take a look at their roster.  Then, there is the experienced Notre Dame team that shut UConn out in their 3 meetings this season.  Who knew?!?!?!!!  I know I didn’t.  But, this is the stuff the basketball landscape is made of.   The fun will begin once we get to that point of the tournament.  I don’t see anything happening before then.  So if the men’s bracket is more important to you, I totally understand.  But, when it gets to the women’s elite 8 then you had better be glued to the set.  In the words of the great Jay-Z…”It’s about to go down!”  Get your popcorn ready because this should prove to be very interesting.”

Check me and Nicole’s predictions for the Women’s Tournament – be sure to let us know if you agree or disagree!


Final 8 – Baylor, UT, Stanford, Penn State, ND, Duke, UConn and UNC

Final 4 – ND, Baylor, Stanford and UConn

Final game Baylor and Notre Dame

ND is your winner!


Final 8 – Notre Dame, North Carolina, Baylor, Tennessee, Stanford, California, Duke and Maryland

Final 4 – Baylor, Stanford, Notre Dame, North Carolina

Final game Baylor and Notre Dame

Winner – Notre Dame


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