So I asked my co-dude to offer his opinion on all things “brackets” as it pertains to the men’s NCAA Tournament.  We also shared our brackets on our latest podcast – here you go and may the best “wo”man win!

Bee Gee

Final 8 – St. Louis, Duke, Gonzaga, Ohio State, Marquette, Syracuse, Florida and Kansas

Final 4 – Duke, Florida, Ohio State and Syracuse

Final game – Duke vs. Syracuse

Winner – Duke

Nicole Monique

Final 8 – Louisville, Michigan St., Gonzaga, Ohio St., Michigan, Georgetown, Indiana and Miami

Final 4 – Louisville, Ohio St., Michigan, Indiana

Final game – Louisville vs. Michigan

Winner – Louisville

“The madness that is March has begun!  Yes! We have some controversy as suspected with the teams that got in, those that didn’t and of course the seeding’s.  Why is it that Kansas is a #1 seed and they lost to a loathing TCU team during the regular season?  I didn’t even know that TCU had a basketball team.  But, thanks to the KU Jayhawks, I do now.  Why Miami Hurricanes a #1 seed? They only won the regular season and tournament crowns.  I know.. I too have asked the same questions.  Let’s put this into a little prospective here.  Neither Maryland nor Virginia out of the ACC made it in.  Then there are the underlining stories like those of the FSU Seminoles who will miss their first tourney in 5 years.  But wait…there’s more.  Syracuse made it in when they were all but, written off with all the suspensions and injuries.  Yet the rose from the ashes like a phoenix.  Will the Big Ten dominate and once again be back on top the college basketball landscape?  You see, this stuff is fun once you get passed all the mess of who, what, when, and why because at the end of the day, it is still basketball.  The game we know and love.  I’ve said in previous shows that there is parody in men’s college basketball this year.  Oh you don’t believe me?  Just take a look at the brackets.  Florida Gulf Coast is in the big dance!  It is as true as it looks but, that is the spirit of competition and I can’t wait for tip off.  With all that being said, who is your final four?  Will Southern University make it past the first round? Will Louisville be upset in the second round?  Or will VCU get a national title? Let’s not jump to any conclusions.  How about we let it play out starting on tonight under our watchful eyes. So grab your favorite team colors, gear and game food.  Let’s get ready for the holiday that is March Madness!!”

Bee Gee

“The Dude”