More than Words

After watching the best college game of the season between Florida State and Notre Dame – FSU’s coach Jimbo Fisher and his star quarterback embraced.

During the embrace Jimbo Fisher had something to say to Jameis –

“Now here’s what you’ve got to do,” Fisher said into Winston’s ear. “Calm down, don’t give them … act very passive right here and get people back on your side. Do you understand what I’m telling you? Humble, humble pie. You got me?”

This moment said a lot about Jimbo Fisher.

So many times we see the coaches on the sidelines yelling, screaming and trying to make things happen. But coaches are also at times mentors, advisors and father figures.

It’s no secret to all of us who are fans of college football that Jameis Winston has continuously been in the news; the good, the bad and the ridiculous. I have said on many of occasions that he needs to grow up. Recently Coach Fisher was criticized for defending Winston – but I get it that’s what he’s supposed to do.  If you believe in your player you defend them to the end.  From what I could see and hear after the big game Fisher wants Winston to do well. I’m not making excuses for Winston but I can only imagine the pressure that comes with being the big man on campus and everyone in the world has their eyes on you.

I just hope Winston heard some of the words Fisher said loud and clear specifically “Calm down and humble pie.”