Redemption – the action of saving or being saved from sin, error, or evil.

Forgiveness – the action or process of forgiving or being forgiven.

Mike Vick did his time and paid the price of being part of an illegal dog fighting ring. He was involved in reprehensible acts.  Because of this he lost everything – his football career, family, friends, reputation and served 21 months in prison.

After prison Vick worked with Peta and the Humane Society – he asked for forgiveness and was given another chance in the NFL. It has been six years and in that time Vick has played for the Eagles and the Jets.  He has been a model citizen.

Currently he has been picked up by the Pittsburgh Steelers and apparently this upset 15,000 Steelers fans who have apparently been living under a dome. These so-called fans signed a petition to get Mike Vick kicked off of the team. Some ridiculously held signs in front of the Steelers training camp and one woman who was interviewed said –

“I don’t believe Vick is a changed man and has redeemed himself”

Oh really? I wish I could have interviewed this woman “Do you know Michael Vick? Have you been following him since his release from prison?”

I mean do these so-called fans not realize he’s been playing in the NFL for the past six years? He did not just get released last week.

I thought we lived in a country where we applauded those who hit rock bottom and then after given a second chance rise from the ashes like a Phoenix to make a difference.

I wish these fans would have been this passionate when their quarterback who was once accused of sexual assault. Or recently when some of their keep receivers were charged with smoking weed and violating the NFL substance abuse policy. Where were their petitions then?

What if Vick does well and he helps the Steelers win? Remember winning cures all.

In the meantime all of you 15,000 so-called Steelers fans create those petitions for causes that can actually make a difference and stop wasting our time.

It’s football – move on.