Mr. Imperfect

WELL after months of speculation the Ted Wells report finally comes out on “Deflategate” and well it didn’t look good for Tom Brady.

The report stated that when it comes to Tom Brady he was “at least generally aware of the inappropriate activities” so to break it down – he knew, he cheated, the end.

But of course this doesn’t go over well for some folks.

See cheating is not anything new in sports – all of us know it happens.  But depending on WHO it is well then there is different levels of cheating.

I actually heard someone from ESPN say recently that the Atlanta Falcons pumping in fake crowd noise was “worse” than what Tom Brady did – ARE YOU SERIOUS?

So now we’re grading the cheaters – so the Saints get a A, the Falcons get a B and Tom Brady gets a C.  So basically some will tell you that Brady’s cheating was not that big of a deal – boy bye!

Yes Mr. Perfect, Mr. Wonderful – he made a mistake and should pay the price.

I need Roger Goodell to remember his own words “ignorance is not an excuse”

So it will be interesting to see if the NFL lays down the hammer.  If not – this will be another blemish against the shield.