We can all agree that words are powerful, words can hurt and in the days of social media your words can even be used against you.

The word “nigger” is a powerful word and the history behind it is a painful one.  That pain resonated off of the screen in the movie “12 Years a Slave” I highly recommend it for anyone who has not seen it yet.  This movie will get in your face and let you see for yourself how the word can sting.  It is realistic, raw and disturbing.

The “N” word has been debated for years – the use of it, who can use it, the word in hip hop culture as far as movies and music.  For some the word changed from “nigger” to “nigga” and was embraced by some African-Americans as a term of endearment.  This within itself has some simply not getting it and maybe it’s not for everyone to understand.

The NFL in light of the Ted Well’s report on the Miami Dolphins and then Michael Sam the first openly gay prospect is looking to clean up the language used among players.  The NFL’s competition committee is looking to penalize those who use the word with a 15-yard penalty on the field.

I get what the NFL is doing – they need to clean up the language and workplace etiquette – but will they really be able to police the word?

Those getting penalized will be predominantly African-American. Not saying all the black players use the word but for the most part when the flag is thrown  it will be because a black player said it.  Then those looking to regulate the word is predominantly white – the owners and those on the committee.  Not a good look.

Then what about the Washington Redskins? What about those Native Americans who have fought for years to have the Redskins name changed?  Is their fight any less important?

The NFL looking to abolish the N-word makes for great headlines and sports talk and gives us all something to talk about.  But the NFL has other items to work on such as – DUI’s and those players who find themselves in domestic violence situations.

So now the N-word should be NO – for not right now.