NFL – Week 3

I wanted to highlight a few of the games – the good, the bad and the seriously ugly.  This has been an interesting start of the season thus far; who knew the Jets, Lions and Titans would have a better season that the Giants.  Miami upsets the Falcons and I was actually excited for the Browns to get a win. This is why we love this game!


Oh How the Mighty have Fallen

The New York Giants fell to the Carolina Panthers 38-0.  At one point Michael Strahan said his former team looked like a high school team trying to compete in the NFL (ouch) well he was right.  This new Giant team is totally unrecognizable – poor Eli got sacked so many times he pretty much saw the game on his back. So will this be the season Coughlin officially gets fired?


Lion King

The Lion’s snapped a 21 game losing streak and finally beat the Washington Redskins at home. Let’s see the last time the Lion’s won FDR was president and gas cost .10 a gallon – so only over 70 years but really who’s counting? Now on another note I wish Suh could run after me like he did RG III – now talk about weight loss results!


When the Saints Go Marching In

You just knew when Sean Payton came back into the fold they were going to deadly.  This week the latest victims – the Arizona Cardinals; Drew Brees to Jimmy Graham what a combo! I believe Graham is the best Tight End in the NFL – he had nine catches, 134 yards and two touchdowns.  Is it me or is Darren Sproles the fastest little man in the NFL? He is just ridiculous and you talk about “Happy Feet.”


Feeling Lucky Punk?

Yes I went way back and dug up an old quote from a Dirty Harry movie – I had to it’s a classic like the butt whipping the Colts did on the 49ers. Who knew the Colts were going to unleash the beast and totally embarrass the 49ers? Andrew Luck, Trent Richardson and Ahmad Bradshaw all played a part in giving Colin Kaepernick his first home loss as a starter.


What Can You Say?

I seriously can’t say much except – Tony Romo had a great game. (I know I’m just as shocked) For the first time in six years the Cowboys also known as Jerry Jones’ kids have won their first two home games to kick of the season in the house that JJ built.


Lastly let me just give a shout out to the Denver Broncos and a said farewell to the Pittsburgh Steelers season – while typing this they just turned over the ball for a fourth time.  Goodbye!