Now What?

The Pacers are done – yet another season watching their nemesis head to the NBA Finals.  The Bird man has decided to keep Coach Frank Vogel so now what? What happens to the rest of the team?

If the Indiana Pacers were a reality show I’m pretty confident they would be between Love and Hip Hop – Atlanta and Hollywood Exes.  They were full of drama during the playoffs.  I get it they are young and some are immature.  But at the end of the day they are NBA players and sometimes it feels like didn’t take that piece seriously.

Paul George is a good player but he could be a great or phenomenal player.  But he doesn’t have that “fight” in him like other players.  I want Paul George to be a dog – border line arrogant.  That’s what you get from other guards. He doesn’t come off confident at times and that’s what is lagging in his game. He’s admitted that he would like to hang out with LeBron James and learn from him.  I want Paul George to despise James so he can better his game.

Roy Hibbert, well once he gets his mind into the game (full-time) he will be a decent big man.   But if he’s not in the mood it’s like watching a 7’2 baby running around and in the way.

David West and George Hill they didn’t make a difference and at times disappeared right in front of you.

So that leaves Lance “blow in your ear” Stephenson.  Yes some of his antics got on my nerves too; but you know what – out of all the guys he was the one who had the most heart.  Lance Stephenson was that dog you wanted on the court, he had the fight needed to win a game and he wasn’t going to back down from anyone – not even King James.  So unfortunately his blowing in LeBron’s ear might be the most memorable part of the Eastern Conference Finals.  Stephenson can really play and had more fight in him that anyone else on the team.

I do believe the Pacers need to shake some things up.  I don’t think they should get rid of Stephenson – yes sit him down and tell him to cool the shenanigans and just concentrate on the game.  But they need someone like Stephenson on the team.

They truly need a leader, someone who is going to take charge and who is willing to give up the ball to better the team.  Right now they don’t have anyone who wants to lead.  So until that happens and all the guys can get on the same page they are going to be like the rest of us next year watching two other teams play in the NBA Finals.