Oh, say can you see

To all those Patriotic Americans who are strongly against Colin Kaepernick.  I’ve heard you use words like pathetic, sickening, and disrespectful.  I’ve seen you burn your jerseys and quite a few of you have used this time to call him a nigger and have asked him to leave the country.

But what is TRULY sad if I have not heard you all stick to the issue that caused Kaepernick to sit down in the first place.  Have you even thought about the racial inequality in this country or why people of color feel differently than you? Let me answer that question for you – no.  I mean most of you are and feel entitled so you cannot even think of the idea that the National Anthem is just a song and the flag is purely a symbol of freedom.  There is no law saying you HAVE to stand during the anthem and breaking news – troops are not dying because of a flag.  You can ask veterans especially those now trending on twitter in support of Kaepernick and they will tell you – I didn’t sign up for a flag or a song.

So stop making this “Colin Kaepernick issue” all about YOU.  Stop being a patriotic bully because you do not like his method of protest.  Thankfully Martin Luther King Jr. didn’t listen to those who didn’t like him “method.” Stick with the issues and then maybe ask “what can I do to help?”  This is not about the military so stop that too. You have no right to speak for all those who served in the military.  I get it a lot of you don’t want to have the “race conversation” because it makes you uncomfortable but guess what black people don’t own that conversation, either do Hispanics or Asians or any other minority group.

It is easy to jump on the “you’re disrespecting the military” bandwagon because you want to avoid the real issues.  But do me a favor – google and do some research.

Jackie Robinson (remember him) he too had issues with National Anthem, Muhammad Ali (remember him) he refused to fight in the Vietnam War and demanded justice for black people.  So how can Colin Kaepernick be some as some of you call him “a dumb nigger” but you praise and respect Jackie Robinson and Muhammad Ali? Throughout history you will see plenty people of color fighting against injustice and questioning the anthem and the flag.

Did you know the man who wrote the anthem Francis Scott Key was a slave owner and there is a part of the national anthem that was removed that was pro slavery – yeah imagine singing that part at a sporting event.

But I will let you get back to accusing folks of being unpatriotic even though the most patriotic and American thing you can do is exercise your right to protest and challenge a system that is not equal to everyone.  Some of you hold the 2nd amendment hostage but forget the 1st amendment.

Lastly, Eric Garner, Michael Brown, Tamir Rice, Freddie Gray, Walter Scott and Trayvon Martin (just to name a few) were also Americans who deserved better.  Look them up get to know their stories and then think again about what Colin Kaepernick is trying to do.