OLD School vs NEW School

SUPER Bowl 50 might not be as “drama filled” as some of the previous games or as splashy.  But it is the most interesting with two of the most dynamic quarterbacks in the league.

PEYTON Manning aka The Sheriff – high football IQ and one of the most influential players in the league.  Respected and admired and given a second chance with the Denver Broncos.  Peyton is the guy you want to hang out with and talk football while eating Papa John pizza.

CAM Newton aka Superman – the Heisman trophy winner, the fun guy, the size of a lineman who knows how to have a good time in the end zone; while changing the face of the NFL.

Both QB’s make the game exciting and both deserve to win the Super Bowl but of course only one can win and I can’t wait to see who will be holding the trophy after the game.